How to Make Sure your Credit Card is Secure when you Shop Online this Holiday Season

Every year more and more people are shopping on the internet during the holiday season. Sitting at home with your cup of coffee, your music playing, and your toes nice and snug in your slippers sure beats sitting in traffic, standing in long lines at the department store, and lugging home bulky packages.

With just a few clicks you can buy that new toy your kid has been begging you for, and have it gift wrapped and delivered to your doorstep.

But, is your purchase safe?

Will your credit card information be secure as it travels down the wires? Many online shoppers ask themselves this question but don't know what signs to look for when making a purchase online.

Well, I'm here to tell you that there are two things to look for to ensure that your credit card information is safely encrypted and invisible to hackers.

1) That little golden lock

Down at the bottom of your browser on the right hand side is a small little golden lock that shows you that you are on a secure server. This means that all personal data you enter into any form on that web page is secure.

Your browser opens a secure encrypted connection with the payment server that stores your credit card information so that no data can be intercepted.

gold lock



2) The URL address at the top of the browser

The top of the computer screen in the URL window will have "https://" instead of "http://"

That simple added "s" means that you are on a secure server as well as the golden lock and that data is safe.

https address


So next time you shop online, once you click to the order page that asks for your credit card information, do a quick check top and bottom for those two signs that you are dealing with a reputable company.

By doing so you can kick back with ease, finish that cup of coffee, wiggle your toes, and start surfing the internet for your holiday gifts.


- Christina Hills
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