Would You Like Someone to Help You Setup Your Shopping Cart System For You?

The follow is a list of consultants, web designers, affiliate managers, and Virtual Assistants we have trained to help you with your setup.


Jennifer Jacobs

Jennifer Jacobs, owner of Superior Collaborations, is dedicated to helping your business grow by spreading your message online.

Jennifer is a certified Internet Marketing VA who works with you, the small business owner, to develop Internet marketing and e-commerce strategies tailored to your specific business. She offers a variety of services including cart setup and customization, creation and maintenance of autoresponders, newsletter creation and updates, affiliate program management and social media marketing.

Whether you are just starting out or looking to take your business to the next level, Jennifer will help you design and implement the strategies that will bring you more customers while allowing you the time to interact with them. Contact Jennifer today to build the web presence you desire! www.superiorcollaborations.com

Jennifer Salie, Superior Collaborations, (570) 431-4123

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Website: www.superiorcollaborations.com


Tyler Sorensen

Tyler Sorensen, specializes in creating affiliate programs that will open the floodgates to thousands of affiliates salivating to promote your product or service. Tyler will mentor you through the entire process of running your own affiliate program or better yet, you can higher him to run your affiliate program daily for you.

If you have an affiliate program up and running I would recommend visiting his home page as he offers products and services that will attract the internet's top affiliates to promote your product or service that been proven to double and even triple sales. (Even techniques 1shoppingcart.com programmers said weren't possible)

On top of being an affiliate manager and expert in the field, Tyler teaches advanced automation that allows you to process hundreds of orders, print labels and ship your products in less then 10 minutes a day.Seal of Approval

Contact Tyler at:

Website: www.1shoppingcartexperts.com


Karen Brunet

Karen Brunet brings 10 years of online marketing experience to help coaches and consultants market their services, products, and events.

- Quick Set Up
- Shopping Carts & Affiliate Programs
- 1ShoppingCart, PayPay, Authorize.net, AWeber, & more
- WordPress Blogs
- Websites & Membership Sites
- Newsletters & Email Marketing
- And More

What really sets Karen apart is her unique expertise in combining cutting edge Internet marketing strategy with ecommerce, brand marketing, and outstanding web design. Clients say she is a true expert for what coaches and consultants need to market online.

Click below for details. Or contact Karen today at 423-463-0003.Seal of Approval

Website: www.KarenBrunet.com


Melanie Borowczyk

Melanie Borowczyk is an Internet Marketing Assistant who works with coaches, trainers and internet entrepreneurs who struggle to keep up with e-commerce and online technologies, helping them implement their marketing plans, and automate their businesses with systems designed to promote business development and growth.

Melanie is our first Virtual Assistant to become Shopping Cart Queen Certified for the Shopping Cart Secrets Program!

At Provirtua, she loves to help entrepreneurs get the most out of 1 Shopping Cart features and stays on top of system updates so her clients are always aware of new features available and how to make best use of them.Seal of Approval

Contact Melanie at:

Website: www.Provirtua.com


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