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Mistake #    Not Understanding the Buying Process and Using the Wrong Buy Links On Your Website.

"Add to Cart" vs. "One Click Buy" Link


Buying Process for Multi-Product Websites


Here are 2 case studies of websites using the correct buy links:

Case Study #1: Multi-Product Website www.SpeakerMaryFoley.com


Product "Catalog" Page


Contents of the Shopping Cart Basket ("View Cart" Page)


The Secure Order Page




The Buying Process for Single Product Websites


Case Study #2: "Sales Letter" Mini-Site


One Page ("sales letter") website


Link at Bottom of Web Pages Goes to the Order Form


Order Form "Mirrors" the Sales Letter


"Buy" Links Explained:


Inside Your Shopping Cart System Product Details


There are 3 different ways to have a buy link on your website:

All ways can say anything you like to the visitor.

A Blue Underlined Text Link

Click Here to Order Now

Example with Blue Underlined Text Link


An HTML Button Link


Example with HTML Button Link


A Graphics Button


- A "Gif" or "Jpeg" Button


Graphics Link on Web Page


All of these go to a link that looks something like this:
http://www. 1ShoppingCart .com/app/javanof.asp?MerchantID=53948&ProductID=2645276



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Learn More About Product Creation in Module 1 of "Shopping Cart Secrets"



Mistake # Not Having an Opt-In Box On Your Website

Opt in Process


How the Opt In Process Works:

1) Visitor comes to your site and "opts in" by entering their name and email address and then is immediately taken to a "Thank You" page on your website.

2) At the same time, the visitor's information is added to your Shopping Cart Database.
(i.e. Name and Email address)

3) Once added to your Shopping Cart Database, the system sends the person an email message by autoresponder.


Opt In "Above the Fold"


"Thank You" Page Gives Download


Opt In Box In the middle of the sales Letter


"Thank You" Page Pops Up


Opt In Box With Audio Playing



"Thank You" Takes You to Main Web Site

The Difference Between a List, An Autoresponder, and Broadcasting

A List is a concept. It is a group of subscribers. They can be prospects (people interested but have not bought from you), customers, or affiliates.

An Autoresponder is a mechanism that sends out email message(s) automatically. It can be one messages or a series of messages. You specify the day the email message goes out based on the day the user first signed up.

For example:

'Day 0' is today,
'Day 1' is tomorrow, and
'Day 7' is a week from now.

Broadcasting is an action that you take to send out 1 email message to a list. This message goes out on a specific calendar date. When you broadcast everyone on your list gets the message all at the same time.

For example if you are announcing a Teleseminar you would broadcast that because it happens on a specific date. (May 19th , May 20th, or Immediately)

The difference between Autoresponders and Broadcasting is that with autoresponders everyone gets the message on a different date, because they are all in a different cycle.


In your shopping cart account, to find your "list" go to the autoresponder section and from there you can see who is on your "list"


Your Autoresponder "Lists"

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Learn More About Autoresponders and Broadcasting in Module 3 and Module 4 of "Shopping Cart Secrets"


Mistake # Not Customizing Your Order Form to Match Your Website

Case Study #3: Order Form Before and After PRLeads.com


Home Page



Order Form Before
Order Form After


"My conversion rate went from 19% to 33%!"

My shopping cart sales rate went from 19% to 33%. That is a tremendous increase, it meant that there where fewer abandonment and more sales through at the order page.

So there was obviously something wrong on my order page before hand that I just did not know, could not figure out or did not know the coding to do. I am so glad that I hired Christina to do this, because as you can see going from 19% to 33%, that's a massive increase in conversion and sales.

-Dan Janal

Dan Janal



Case Study #4: Order Form Before and After

Home Page



Order Form Before
Order Form After


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Learn More About Customizing the Order Form in Module 2 of "Shopping Cart Secrets"


Mistake # "Not Understanding the Difference Between a Merchant Account, a Gateway Account, and a Shopping Cart Account and Why Do You need all of them?"


What Happens When Someone Buys Your Product


Internet Explorer Secure Order Pages
Have a 'Gold Lock'

FireFox Secure Order Pages
Have a Green Lock'

gold lock

gold lock

'https' at the Top to Show It's Secure!

gold lock



Shopping Cart System: has secure servers that can safely collect customer data and credit card information.

Gateway: the "middle man" that takes the credit card data and authorizes it, returning an authorization code back to the shopping cart system.

Merchant Account: the "bank" account where the money from the customer is deposited into. From there it is automatically moved into your regular checking account a few days later.

credit cards

BONUS: Open a Merchant Account with a Gateway Account from me and I'll personally hook up your Authorize.net Gateway to your Shopping Cart for FREE Go here for more details


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Learn More About Processing Orders in Module 6 of "Shopping Cart Secrets"


Mistake #    "Not Tracking Your Ads and Sales with the 1ShoppingCart System ?"

How an "AdTracker" Works


Example of a Google Ad



Example of inside Google Adwords



Inside Your Shopping Cart Account:

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"Christina has so many tips and tricks"

I use the shopping cart system, and I thought I had it figured out. I thought I new everything it could do. And then I started talking to Christina. Christina has so many incredible little tips, tricks and ideas. Every time I talk to her I find new ways to make me more money and increase my conversions.

Setting it up wrong, or not setting it up the way Christina recommends to set it you, you are leaving money on the table. You will easily make ten fold the money you invest in her.

She is a real genius when it comes to the shopping cart.

-John Jaworski

John Jaworski













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