Do You Need the Ability to Accept Credit Cards?

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I can help you get set up with a Merchant account and/or a Payment Gateway account.

What's the Difference Between a Merchant Account, a Gateway Account, and a Shopping Cart Account and Why Do You need all of them?"

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What Happens When Someone Buys Your Product

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Shopping Cart System: has secure servers that can safely collect customer data and credit card information.

Gateway: the "middle man" that takes the credit card data and authorizes it, returning an authorization code back to the shopping cart system.

Merchant Account: the "bank" account where the money from the customer is deposited into. From there it is automatically moved into your regular checking account a few days later.


If you'd like to get a Merchant Account and/or Gateway, just click on one of the following links

Click Here for a Merchant Account AND a Gateway

Click Here for a Merchant Account ONLY

Click Here for a Gateway Account ONLY

Click Here if you are a Canadian

Click Here if you are OUTSIDE the USA or Canada



Merchant Account

You can get a Merchant Account with First National Merchant Solutions

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Setup/Enrollment Fee $35
Monthly Fee

$10.00 (for sales over $1,200)
$35.00 (for sales under $1,200)

Credit Card Discount Rate

2.19% (Visa, Master Card)
3.5% (American Express)

Transaction Fee $0.20 Per credit card transaction

Once we receive your Merchant application, the turn around time is 3-4 business days (sometimes up to 7-10 if the application is not complete)


Gateway Account

These are the fees for a Gateway Account with You would choose this option if you already had a merchant account.

Setup/Enrollment Fee $99
Monthly Fee $17.95
Transaction Fee $0.10 Per credit card transaction

Once we receive your gateway application, the turn around time is 2-3 business days.


"She completed the work way ahead of schedule"

I recently contacted Christina to integrate my Merchant Account and Gateway with my website and I was extremely impressed with her. She completed the work way ahead of schedule, and was extemely responsive by email.

After my site was up and running she even took the time to go back and look at it. She looked around and noticed an error that didn't have anything to do with what she did, but she took the time to let me know about it and I really appreciated that.

Christina is somebody you need to have on your team.
Thanks a lot Christina for all the work you did!

-Anesia Springborn

Anesia Springborn

"Working with Christina has been absolutely refreshing.
She made the process so easy and painless."

Christina Hills helped me set up my Merchant Account, and she also hooked up my shopping cart system to an Authorize net account. She walked me through the entire process and followed up at each step to make certain everything was done correctly. She even tested the shopping cart to verify that everything was working exactly as it should be.

Working with Christina has been absolutely refreshing. She made the process so easy and painless. Before I discovered Christina, I had looked into one of the big Internet Merchant Providers. And became frustrated very quickly because they really didn't understand the nuances of working with an online shopping cart system.

They also had a lot of hidden fees that you won't find in Christina's solution. I feel very fortunate to have discovered Christina. She really knows her stuff and she delivers fantastic service.

I can highly recommend the Shopping Cart Queen!

-Laura Cardone

Laura Cardone



"I can now accept credit cards online and offline"

Hi, my name is Randi Cestaro and I'm calling from New York City, my website is and I just wanted to convey my thanks to Christina for making this process so easy for me.

She was able to help me set up my gateway account and she actually set up the entire merchant account to work properly from my website so I can now accept credit cards online and offline which was a huge task for me to undertake and Christina made it very, very simple.

She was very good with her follow through and she did this in a very timely manner. And, she did walk me through the steps on how the process would actually take place and she was great! So, I thank you very, very much Christina and I'm really looking forward to more of Christina's calls. Thank you very much!

- Randi Cestaro

Randi Cestaro


"I was having a tremendous amount of difficulty until I found Christina"

Thank you so much to Christina, The Shopping Cart Queen!

I was having a tremendous amount of difficulty finding anyone who could help me with our gateway provider. We had gone to our service card people, all technical experts. And all of them had tremendous amounts of problems trying to help us out.

I thought of Christina because she has worked with shopping carts so much.

She stepped right in, like a champ, and fixed it up faster than anyone else. It has been a pleasure being able to work with her.

- David Boostrom

David Boostrom



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