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Q: I don't yet have a shopping cart system, where should I start first?

The first thing you want to do is to open a shopping cart account on a 30 day trial basis, then view my live examples and see how you might set up your own store. This can be an account that is for autoresponders and broadcasting only, or for products only, or both. Then later you can upgrade to the pro package and have the affiliate program integrated into it. Click here to get started now.


Q: What is the difference between 1ShoppingCart .com and

A: is the Application Service Provider (ASP) that stores and manages your orders and client database. The Shopping Cart Database is stored on secure servers online, and better yet, you do not need to buy any additional software, or store the database on your computer or your servers. It's all handled for you.

ShoppingCartQueen, Christina Hills, is an independent business that helps you to set up your shopping cart account so that you can be taking orders right away.



Q: How can you help train me and/or my staff?

A: 1ShoppingCart is a powerful service and can sometimes be intimidating and confusing. Shopping Cart Queen will save you time and money by helping you through this process so that you can focus more on your own business and products.

Trainings that we offer are listed on the Products Page
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Q: What tools do you use and recommend?

A: These are the following tools I use:

Shopping Cart System:

Put your business on autopilot with the 1ShoppingCart shopping cart system. You can create opt in boxes to capture leads, sell your products in a multitude of ways, track your sales, and have an integrated affiliate program all in one package. Click here to get started now


Teleseminar Recorder and Web Page Builder:

The Instant Teleseminar Event system let's you record your teleseminars and it builds web pages for you. Click here to learn more about it


Audio on Websites and Testimonial Hotline System:

Add audio to your websites quickly and easily. You can record your messages into the phone, and they automatically get saved into your account.
PLUS, this system gives you a testimonial hotline. Click Here to learn
more about this system
. Or Try my testimonial hotline out:
800-609-9006 x9521
(AudioGeneratorQueen.Com )


The Ask Database - A Surveying Tool

Do you want a way to survey your prospects and customers? The ask database lets you add polls and survey's to your website. Plus it has a search engine feature that let's you sort your answers based on most popular feedback.


Membership Program System:

I use the aMember system to manage my club and all of my training programs. This software is a Powerful and full-featured membership/subscription software for your website. Click here to learn more about this System.



Stand Alone Autoresponder System:

I use the AWeber system for blog broadcasting. Many people use AWeber and the Shopping Cart system together, because they like the advanced autoresponder and broadcasting features of Aweber.  Click here to learn more about this System.




Q: How can I listen to your Free Teleseminar?

A: If you'd like to listen to Christina's free teleseminar "The Five Fatal Mistakes People Make", just go here to register:


Q: How have other people succeeded working with Christina?

A: Please read testimonials from other's who have used her products and services. Click here to read rave testimonial reviews.

"She gave me some excellent tips and solved many problems for me"

Christina gave me some excellent tips and solved many problems for me, even though I am an experienced Shopping Cart user. Her consulting was excellent and saved me hours of time.


- Bill McCready

Bill McCready


“Christina saved me so much time and money!

I hired her to help me integrate a shopping cart into a web design
project for a client of mine. By working with her, I was able to focus
on my job and she handled the rest. Thank you Christina”

- Carol White
Winterstreet Design


Q: Can I hire you to do consulting/setup for me?

A: See below the services we offer...

Services that we offer:

If you need a way to accept payments on your website and you want to get a merchant account or gateway account you can go to my Accept credit cards page for more details on getting started.
Plus, you can get a Merchant Account and/or a Gateway Account through this website, and when you do, we have a nice bonus for you!

You can also have someone setup your shopping cart for you. See my Services page for more details.

Christina does limited one on one consulting. If you want a consultation, go to the help desk and submit a ticket.

Soon to be offered is small group coaching. Stay tuned for more on that. Christina will communicate via email, so if you are not on the email list, then go here to opt in.


Q: I lost my login for your training programs How do I get that?

A: Your training programs login is DIFFERENT from your shopping cart login.

Shopping Cart Queen's Training Programs

Click Here to Login to Your Training Programs


The Shopping Cart Account Login

Click Here to Log Into Your Shopping Cart Account


Q: Can I become and Affiliate and Earn Commissions?

A: If you'd like to become an affiliate and earn commissions by recommending Shopping Cart Queen or the Website Creation Workshop, then just go to




Q: What is a merchant account?

A: A merchant account is a bank account that lets you accept credit cards.

First National Merchant Solutions Logo

I can help you get a merchant account and walk you through the process. Click Here for Pricing.



Q: What is a gateway account?

A: A gateway account is an account that lets you process your credit cards online in real time. It gives your shopping cart system an approval or disapproval code and if approved, puts the money into your merchant account.

To accept credit cards online you must have a gateway account. Click Here for Pricing.


Q: I already have a merchant account because I sell my product offline. How can I hook my existing merchant account up with the shopping cart system?

A: In order to connect a merchant account with your web site you will need a gateway account. We can set that up for you. In addition to the shopping cart, you need a gateway account to communicate between your merchant account and the shopping cart system. The Gateway Account will give you a "virtual terminal" so that you can easily check the status of your sales. Click Here for Pricing.


Q: I don't have a merchant account, what do I do?

A: Shopping Cart Queen can help you get set up with a merchant account and/or a gateway account so that you can accept orders online. Click Here for more info


Q: Will the shopping cart transactions be secure?

A: All online transactions are secure with your shopping cart system. You will know this because you will see this little Gold Lock symbol at the bottom right of your browser (Windows). Click here to read more.



Q: Can I have my customers pay with PayPal?

A: Yes, you can take orders with PayPal.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

And yes, you can choose PayPal as your ONLY method of accepting online orders, or as an addition to your merchant account . However I do not recommend this option for people selling Digital Delivered products.



Q: What is a 'CVV' code?

A: The 'CVV' code or also referred as the 'cvv2' code is the 3 digit code on the
back of your credit card. Asking for this code, ensures that the customer actually has the credit card with them. It cuts down on fraud.
Click here to see what the code looks like on your card.


Q: Which 1ShoppingCart Shopping Cart Package Should I choose?

A: 1ShoppingCart gives a 100% money back guarantee if you contact them within 30 days of ordering your shopping cart. They are a separate company, so you need to contact them directly.

Q: What is an autoresponder?

An autoresponder is an automatic email, or series of emails, that you set up ahead of time in a program to go out automatically on a specified day. An autoresponder is triggered when someone fills out an online form, or sends an email message to a particular email address. The most common example of an autoresponder is the ubiquitous "Out of Office" or "I'm on vacation" message. An autoresponder can also be "empty" i.e. not messages in it. This is referred to as an "Autoresponder List".

Christina covers autoresponders and broadcasting on her Free Teleseminar
and in her Video Tips Series

Click Here for more info on the Shopping Cart Secrets Training Program

Q: What is a broadcast?

A broadcast is a email that only goes out once to your email list either immediately or on a specified date.

Christina covers autoresponders and broadcasting on her Free Teleseminar

Click Here for more info on the Shopping Cart Secrets Training Program

Q: Where is your blog?

You can find my blog here Shopping Cart Blog for other tips and updates about internet marketing and making the most of your shopping cart account.

Q: Where is your podcast?

You can listen to my Shopping Cart Podcast for free tips and audio content you can download to you iPod and listen to offline. It has information about internet marketing and setting up an online store.


You can look over all my Free Stuff that I have to offer you. Check back often as it updates frequently. You will find Free Videos, Free Teleseminars, and other information about FREE bonuses I give away when you open a new shopping cart account.

Christina decided to focus on the 1ShoppingCart shopping cart system because all the big internet marketers go with. People like Alex Mandossian, Armand Morrin, Yanik Silver, Tom Antion, Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, use it. Why mess around with other shopping carts when the most experienced marketers have already chosen this one?

You can also view my Shopping Cart Queen home page or my Live Examples to see different ways to use the 1ShoppingCart system.


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Put your business on autopilot with the 1ShoppingCart shopping cart system. You can create opt in boxes to capture leads, sell your products in a multitude of ways, track your sales, and have an integrated affiliate program all in one package.
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